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Mountain Bike Sizing Guide

Mountain bikes are sized XS through XXL as well as in inches (14-22”). Previously, seat tube length was the traditional method for sizing bicycles, but with all the new shapes and styles that has become less relevant. Most mountain bikes focus on an extremely low height for stand over, so you’re traditional method of standing over the bike flat footed doesn’t work here. Manufacturers mainly use XS -XXL and will give their own size recommendations based on your height.


This chart will dial you in. It’s important to look at the manufacturer specs as each have their own style, which may change the height requirements slightly.




Most of the time, you’re not going to fall right into the exact size, so here are a few tips on when to size up or size down.

Sizing Down

Smaller bikes will have a shorter reach, a shorter wheelbase and a slightly lower stand over height. If you’re a more casual rider, who enjoys an upright position then sizing down is good for you. On a larger bike, you’ll be in a more aggressive position, which can become tiring. Additionally, a shorter wheelbase will give you a nimbler ride.

Sizing Up

When going from a smaller bike to a larger bike you’ll notice that your reach is going to change more than the stand over height. If you fit on a smaller frame, but don’t quite have the reach, try a longer stem. If you have a longer torso, sizing up is going to be better for you.

Your best bet is to try out a friend’s bike or demo a bike from a local shop. After a short ride, you’ll see what works for you and what doesn’t. Once you’ve figured that out come back and check out our selection of used and new mountain bikes.


To help you with some of the measurements we’ve been referring to, check out these photos.