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How to Ship your Bicycle


Here’s a list of the materials you will need

  1. Bubble Wrap
  2. Zip Ties
  3. Foam Tubing or Plumbing Insulation
  4. Large Triple Ply Box
  5. Packing Tape


Most bike shops will give you a bike box for free or for a few bucks.  These are the best boxes to use since they are meant for bikes and sized correctly. The more room you have in the box, the more packing material you will have to waste, so try to find a bike that fits your bike. If the box is too big, this increases the cost of shipping.


  1. Start by placing the foam tubing along your top and bottom tube. Secure these in place with tape or zip ties.
  1. Remove your handlebars making sure to replace the head set so that you don’t lose any of the smaller pieces. Tape the headset parts in order and place in a small bag.
  1. Wrap your handlebars in bubble wrap and secure them to the frame of the bike with a zip tie.
  1. Remove your pedals, wrap them in bubble wrap, and place these into the box.
  1. Remove your front wheel. It’s suggested that you bubble wrap the axles or cut pieces of cardboard atop them to prevent it from pushing through the box or damaging the bike during transit.
  1. if you are unable to close the box with the seat on, remove the seat and seat post and wrap with bubble wrap.
  1. At this point, check for any exposed parts that could puncture the box or interfere with the bike. Wrap these bubble wrap or foam tubing


Now it is time to put the bike in the box. Place the frame (with the rear wheel attached) in the box first, and make sure it is secure before adding the front wheel, pedals, and seat. Use the remaining foam tubing and bubble wrap to secure everything inside of the box. and make sure the bike fits snug in the box.

Our friend’s at Purecycles made a great video to make sure your bike arrives safely.